If a Bird Loved a Fish, Where Would They Live?

If a bird loved a fish, where would they live?

It’s an old proverb, but is still so relevant today. If a bird and a fish fell in love, how would they make it work? I mean, what the fish breathes would kill the bird. Where the bird sings, the fish would suffer. How long would the relationship last? Who would be willing to compromise to make their home in the other’s world. Is it even possible?

There are may interpretations to this old proverb. Most people interpret it as love is not enough. You can be in love, but if you are from one world, and your partner is from the opposite side of that world, it will never work. Compatibility is important, but is it everything?

I grew up in the notebook generation. What is the notebook generation? I am glad you asked. It was a great movie, but a little of a stretch. It’s the crazy idea that there is only one right person in the world for you. Some call it your "soulmate." The person who is going to complete you. Your missing puzzle piece. And you know, I believed this, for a while… until I realized if one person ends up marrying someone else’s soulmate, well then the other 7 billion people in the world are hopeless. It would cause this mass domino effect, ruining the chances of millions and millions of people ever finding their true love. Do I Believe in soul mates? True love? Absolutely! But I believe now, your soul mate, and true love, cannot be limited to just one person. Because the reality is, love is a choice. It’s a decision you make every day. It’s not a wagon you "fall out of" when the road gets rough. It’s not an option. It’s a decision you make, and manage for the rest of your life. Love is a decision.. and to be honest, if we are waiting on someone to complete us, we are setting our lives up for disappointment.

So if a bird loved a fish, where would they live? I don’t know. But what I do know, and as the writer of the song of Solomon put it so eloquently, Love is invincible facing danger and death. Passion laughs at the terrors of hell. The fire of love stops at nothing—it sweeps everything before it. Flood waters can’t drown love, torrents of rain can’t put it out. Love can’t be bought, love can’t be sold—it’s not to be found in the marketplace.

If you find yourself at a crossroads today, I would encourage you to choose love. Love the people God has placed beside you, in front of you, around you. Love people even when they don’t deserve it, and when they least expect it. Love people when they are right, and when they are wrong. And let love lead you, deepen your connections, and be the driving force in your search for purpose and meaning on this side of eternity.