Jesus Is the Center


Every journey to God is an individual one, but it is not a journey that should be taken alone. The mission of Upper Room Church is to serve as an empowering guide and a viable spiritual resource. We Believe God wants to take every person on a journey of knowing him personally, finding freedom from their past, discovering purpose for their future, and making a difference in the world around them.


Know God

We believe every person has a next step in their relationship with God. Whether you are brand new to the faith, or have been serving God all your life. We design our Sunday Services around this one goal; to help all people take their next step in knowing Christ in a more personal way.

Find Freedom

He who the son sets free is free indeed! We believe this, and want you to experience this freedom! At Upper Room Church, we know true life change is found in circles, not in rows. Upper Room Groups are designed to help people, regardless of their past, find genuine and lasting freedom in Jesus.

Discover Purpose

God has a plan and purpose for you! We want to help you find it! At Upper Room Church, we believe the best way to begin this process is by going through our Growth Track Class. This class is strategically designed to help you discover your God given gifts and ultimately find your purpose.

Make a Difference

Team work makes the dream work! At Upper Room Church, we value each person and their unique gifting's and talents. The only way to truly be fulfilled in this life is to use your God given gifts to serve others! Our Upper Room Dream Team is designed to plug you in to the church by giving you an avenue to use your gifts to serve others and make a difference.




It's ok to not be ok.  At Upper Room, we value authentic genuine relationships. Upper Room is a place where you don't have to wear a mask and try to be something or someone that you are not. We believe the first step in finding healing, is uncovering the places in our lives that we may be hiding.


We believe the overarching verb of the Bible is give.  At Upper Room, our goal is to walk in the blessing of God so we can be generous on every occasion. Everything we are and everything we have is devoted to serving God and serving others.


Our goal at Upper Room is to love the way Christ did. He defended the defenseless, fought for justice, and sacrificed for those around him. When it comes to loving our neighbor, Jesus is our model, message, and means.


We were created, by a creator, to create. We believe creativity is the highest form of human expression. It was the first attribute we are given about God in Genesis, that in the beginning, he created. At Upper Room, it's our mission to help every person unlock their creative potential in Christ.


At Upper Room Church we believe everyone has potential and every person is needed. Without others, we would not be able to do what God has called us to do. So we believe whether you have been a Christian one day, or one hundred years, there's a opportunity for you to serve at Upper Room Church.


Nathan Pooley
Lead Pastor 

Kaitlyn Pooley
Worship Pastor 

Makenna Curtis
Student Director

Makenna Tate
Administrative Support

               Jared Hensley
              Associate Pastor

    Leah Emma
Financial Coordinator     


Dr. William "Buck" Waters
Board Member 

Dr. Douglas Gehman
Board Member

Sam Germann
Board Member

Upper Room Church was planted through the Association of Related Churches (ARC) in 2017. ARC is all about planting life-giving churches that grow, reproduce, and plant other life-giving churches themselves. It is a global family of church and business leaders that exists to see a thriving church in every community reaching people with the message of Jesus. ARC provides relationships, resources, and opportunities to leaders of new and existing churches so that we can thrive.