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Upper Room Kids Ministry’s heartbeat is to provide a kid-centered, safe, clean, and fun environment! Our children’s Sunday worship experience seeks to be a place where family and church intersect. The entire experience is constructed to meet your child where he or she is cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. We value our time with Upper Room Kids and strive to connect with them through memorable teaching moments—biblical principles to help them navigate real life experiences.

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are taught “God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.” Based on Luke 2:52, children ages 2–8 learn the essential truths that “I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.” We would love for your child to join us this Sunday!


A Child Dedication service is an opportunity for parents to publicly declare their intent to raise their child in a way that honors God. In many ways a "child dedication" service is truly a "parent dedication" service, as parents publicly declare to raise their child in the faith until the child is old enough to own his or her faith. It's also a time for family, friends, and the church to say we will partner with you, as best we can, to see that this takes place.